Sunday, May 29, 2011

Steps for Making Money With Google Adsense

Find a niche market: It's important that there be a captive audience for it. Since you'll be writing about this topic, it's a good idea to pick something you're knowledgeable or passionate about. There are tools available to discover which niche markets are good candidates for monetization. Click here... For example, let say you compete in agility classes with your Border Collies. You've spent a lot of time and effort training them, figuring out the best diet and exercise routines. The dog industry is huge and you can turn your passion and knowledge about dogs into an AdSense business. Build your website: It's best to use a template or website building tool, particularly if you have no website building experience. With a website builder you'll need little technical knowledge. With a template you'll need a little more technical proficiency. A few popular website builder are. A few popular template sites are. Once your basic website layout is in place you can add content including website copy, images and graphics to make your website effective. One thing to keep in mind when writing the copy is to use keywords that users may search on when looking for products and information. When your website is complete, you need to register a domain name with a registrar such as Host Gator or GoDaddy and to find a hosting company such as Name Cheap or GoDaddy so that you can publish your website on the internet. Driving Traffic to Your Site: To start generating AdSense revenue, you need to drive traffic, made up of targeted visitors, to your website. The more targeted traffic you have the more money you can potentially earn. Following are some of the ways in which you can generate traffic with the passage of time.

What you should do: Google pays you monthly when your earnings reach $100. This may take a while to accumulate because it takes a while to build traffic to your website or blog. The Google AdSense checks are a blessing to a large number of newbies with low budgets eager to make money from home. The possibility is there if you have a website with good content. Visitors will always come back. Since AdSense is web based, you must have a website or blog to participate. This is not a problem. There are dozens of free websites and blogs you can get. Just do a web search. Once your website or blog is ready and the contents optimized, you can submit your application to Google. The AdSense program is not just for high page rank sites as some seem to think. Brand-new sites or blogs also qualify. Try the free They are owned by Google and have AdSense built into their platform.

Another must know AdSense rule involves the treatment of ads. So, we can't click on our own ads, what about using text and/or images on the site to encourage a click? Google rules about the treatment of ads are clear; you cannot use images or suggestive text to encourage visitors to click on your ads. So texts like 'click here' or 'visit these quality sites' can't be placed anywhere close to AdSense ads. Another must know rule related to the treatment of ads involved the tampering with the AdSense JavaScript code. Some AdSense publishers have sought to 'tweak' the code a little so that the ads don't look so 'ad-like'. It's simple to do, but it is not allowed.Tampering with Google's AdSense code is a sure way to get yourself banned from the scheme. These are only some of the most obvious AdSense rules but there are so much more you need to know. Go to Google's site to get a more thorough overview of the rules you need to know before venturing too deeply into an AdSense campaign. To make the most out of AdSense you need to know the rules.

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