Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Earn More Money From Google Adsense!!!

Google adsense doesn't work out well for many users this is because almost everyone who uses internet, knows about this AdSense money making program. And they don't hesitate to join the program because it belongs to google. I mean we trust Google. They can be trusted and here they are talking about money. Everyone needs money right? But, most of them falls for this not knowing whether they are doing it profitable way or not. They just take and put AdSense code into their site and work very hard to drive more traffic, expecting clicks on the ads. Even they got the expected traffic, they don't earn well because their ads are very cheap. I mean how can you satisfy with a click which gives you $0.01 or $0.05 when you can earn $8.0 or $10.0 per click? Today, most people earning a decent amount of money with AdSense. I'm going to tell you how to do it! Be Prepared...

Well, google ads has many different CPCs(Cost Per Click) depending on the sale of the product and popularity and etc. sometimes it may be up to $50.0. The cool thing is, if you found a way to track and put that high CPC ads to your site you will earn few dollers for a click for sure. (CPC and EPC are two different things. $50.0 CPC might give you nearly $10.0 EPC)
You can always go and check out your daily, weekly and monthly reports under the Performance report tab of your adsense account.

Google does not approve your website, without traffic to your website. You should try to market your site visitors. I know your site is a new site, it means that you will not have traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. However, you can get visitor by promoting your website by forums, web directory, etc. In fact, you can see in Free Ads linked to the site. Like getting your new website visitors and I hope that Google AdSense will approve your website to display their advertisements. Actually you should not forget that Google does not want the mandatory side, you have thousands of visitors per day from Google AdSense to get approved. What Google has is that you should have a practical side to start with good content and people to your website can be visited.

Some basic tips to get an account would be, Collect the set of useful content from article directories and place the items on your page, just 20 pages it takes to build. Do not submit your site to Google AdSense for approval to keep visitors to your site through forums and e-mail signature or signatures free online classifieds site.Your website needs a contact, privacy policy and a link to a minimum of 20 pages of the disclaimer. Your website should have a privacy policy page and last your website should have a sitemap.

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