Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Increase Your Income With Google Adsense

One of the easiest ways to add advertising to your blog or website is to use GoogleAdSense. You have probably noticed ads on blogs and wondered how they got there. It only takes a few minutes to get setup with Google AdSense. If you already have a Google account then you should be able to sign in with it.

When you first login to the dashboard you will see all kinds of information. You are going to be interested in building your first ad. There are a number of different ways to make moneywith Google AdSense. When you are just starting out you are probably going to want to start with the display ads that you see on blogs and websites all over the web. You can choose between two types of ads. Graphic ads and text ads. You are going to want to learn your way around the Google dashboard.
You can get any size of ads unit under the tab of my ads of your Google adsense account

When you have some free time login to the dashboard and learn as much as you can about what is available. There are multiple ways of using Google AdSense. Learn about all the ways you can use the service.The temptation is to load your site up with ads so that you canmake more money, but you should pay attention to the Google guidelines about the number of ads you can have on your pages. Remember to follow the rules and don't go over the maximum number of ads. You want to have good looking webpages with a few offers for your website visitors. When you are ready to create new ad code blocks you can choose from a number of different formats. You need to figure out where are you are going to place these ads and what size ad will work best. You can choose from a size dropdown box in the create new ad section. Also select the colors that will blend best with your website. There are default color schemes that can make it easy for you to choose. Before you finalize your settings and create the new code you can preview to make sure that it looks right. With just a few mouse clicks you will have the code ready that you can copy and paste into your site. Now all you have to do is name the ad and save it your site. It might take a few seconds to minutes to show up on your site. All done. Now you can get back to focusing on creating a quality web site with good information.

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